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Your Donations Save Children from Leprosy

Join us in making a difference! Participate in our fundraising raffle to support leprosy sufferers in need.
Your contribution could provide essential aid and bring hope to those facing the challenges of leprosy.
Every ticket purchased is a step towards a brighter future for those in need.
Let’s come together to make a meaningful impact. Purchase your tickets now and be a part of this noble cause!
For more information, please contact Mr. Paul Nguyen on +1-949-874-1300.

You can Help this Child from Getting Leprosy

Your Donations Save Children from Leprosy

Leprosy creates a harmful cycle of disease, shame, and poverty for affected individuals. This impact extends beyond the individuals with leprosy to encompass their families, particularly their children, who may encounter challenges in education, social integration, and overall well-being.
But Your donations and our collective efforts can bring about positive change. Your financial support is crucial in making a significant impact, empowering and greatly improving the lives of those affected by leprosy.