Donation Options

A common concern for donors is gaining insight into how their contributions are put to use, here is an overview of how we distribute your donations:

  1. Donations with no specific instructions will be used based on our standard distribution approach, supporting affected patients with monthly allowances, covering tuition fees for their children, and funding projects such as building accommodations and providing winter clothes for patients and their families.
  2. If you prefer your donation to go to a specific village or individuals within a village, like funding a well or buying a wheelchair, your contribution will be used as per your instructions, and we can offer evidence of the completed work, such as photos or videos, upon your request.

Kindly refer to this webpage for both general purposes and specific needs (Projects Needing Funding) for the up-to-date list (as of December 1st, 2023) of projects/programs, along with their cost estimates in US dollars. These initiatives align with the specific needs of each village and/or individual, and we are actively working towards fulfilling them.