About  Friends of Lepers in ViệtNam:

Tustin Friendship Association For Leprosy Inc. Was established in 1995. It started by the Vietnamese congregation at St. Cecilia Church in Tustin, California, USA .Tustin Friendship Association For Leprosy Inc. aka/dba Friends of Lepers in Vietnam.

Friends of lepers in Vietnam is recognized as a tax-exempt organization by the IRS under section 501(a) and section 501(c) (3), with Employer Identification Number:EIN # 33-0799684.
●  We are here to help the leper to the best of our ability.

Mission Statement:

Everything is for the Lepers:
Provide the financial support to the lepers for their medical needs. Provide food and medical for the detrimental lepers.Provide housing and financial assistant to the cured family in their way to rejoin society.Provide training, education, housing, and food to the children of the lepers.
   Build schools, wells, and provide farming finances to the leper who are still able to work.